2019 Fall Dental Exams for Caleb and Shania

Annual or bi-annual dental exams are essential to horse health. The Equine Dentist checks for loose or fractured teeth, sharp points that inhibit their ability to chew, and periodontal disease. The Equine Dentist then files or “floats” the surface of the teeth to ensure a good grinding surface to properly chew and digest hay. Mouth pain can present as a significant training issue, resulting in dangerous behavior like rearing, bucking and flipping over, caused by dental issues.

As horses age, they “run out” of tooth so keeping what teeth they have in good condition, helps keep them alive longer. Caleb has very little molar surface left and he eats a special diet of soaked foods. As he was a starvation case, we want to make sure he can still gum some loose hay and short grass.

The exam and floating does not cause the horse any pain, even though they may be sedated to be more cooperative for the Equine Dentist.

SBF works with Dr. Bayard Rucker, a renowned Equine Dentist and an expert in his field. These exams are around $125 per horse, depending on what the horse needs. Most of the rescue horses get exams twice a year and these costs add up. Consider donating so we can cover the costs of these exams and continue to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need.

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