Permanent Residents and Retirees

Retirees are here for life. They have been donated and supported by caring horse owners who want the best for their horses in their senior years. We are honored to have been chosen as their retirement farm.

Trooper and Lucy

Hollywood “Woody”

Woody (on left) lives with his rescue companion Henry.


SBF Mascot and Retiree.

Caleb before the neglect. 

Caleb was rescued from a severe neglect case in April 2016 where he was starved and locked in a dirty stall for months.  The starvation he endured is horrific. Honestly when we picked him up we thought we might be just bringing him home to meet a peaceful end. It was that bad. If that was all that could be done, were willing to do it for him. Caleb came with one piece of paper, a Coggins test. From this we were able to trace a little bit of information about him and photos of him from before he was abandoned an auction. 

After we got him safely home, the next few days were stressful, slowly feeding him a soaked mushy diet, discovering he could not chew hay, not even a little. Every morning when I would get to the barn, thankful he was still alive, his eyes were a little brighter. He could go for longer walks and eventually was strong enough for all day turnout.

Now more than 3 years later, he’s fat and sassy, and goes for gallops around the pasture with such gusto that I’m sure he will hurt himself…but he doesn’t. Tail flying, head high, snorting at the mares, he is loving his life. Even though he can’t be ridden, he deserves to live, not to be thrown away at the auction.

Because of his age and special dietary needs, Caleb will live out the remainder of his life at Sumner Brook Farm.  If you would like to sponsor Caleb with a monthly donation of $25.00 and become part of the #calebstrong team, please email


Franklyn is a 28 year old thoroughbred Gelding. Franklyn was a local owner surrender who came to us to due to financial distress. His owner had him for 20 years! Since he retired off the track at age 4. He ran one race and won $300 but racing was not his thing. He went on to become a dressage and jumping mount for his person. He then had an episode of road founder and Lyme disease and was retired at the owner’s home. He lived there solo for 12 years and had good care and was well fed.

At his senior age, he has developed some health issues, Cushing’s disease which requires daily medication and special attention to his overall health. He also has a condition called Resorption where the roots of his teeth are reabsorbed. This is painful and his front teeth are beginning to fall out. He will need special care and attention as these age related illnesses progress. 

Franklyn needs sponsors! For as little as $25.00 per month, you can contribute to his care. To donate please click here: 

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