Shania our 16 year old OTTB mare is AVAILABLE for Adoption! Scroll down for her story and pictures!

Franklyn 25 year old Companion. Scroll down for info and pictures!

Sadie 20 year old 14.2 AQHA mare, light riding for a small person, beginner safe. Scroll down!

Franklyn 25 year old TB Gelding. Franklyn is a local owner surrender who came to us to due to financial distress. His owner had him for 20 years! Since he retired off the track at age 4. He ran one race and won $300. I think racing was not his thing… He went on to become a dressage and jumping mount for his person. He then had an episode of road founder and Lyme disease and was retired at the owner’s home. He lived there solo for 12 years and had good care and was well fed. For 25 he looks great! Franklyn would make the perfect companion to babysit your horses while you take one on a trail ride or off to a show or clinic. He’s easy to handle and loves everyone! No special needs, meds or diet requirements, he would make a wonderful addition to your family.

Sadie is an approximately 20 year old QH mare. She had a long life as a lesson horse and most recently as an unmounted therapy horse, in addition to be adored by her owner. She was surrendered to SBF due to her owner’s serious medical issues. Sadie is quiet, beginner safe and very easy to handle. She loves to be groomed, to go for walks and hang out with her gelding friends. She has an old suspensory injury on her right front and several scars on her hind legs, but we put front shoes on her to give her more support and she is very happy with them. Her back is a bit swayed, but with time we have seen some improvement and she can get stronger. We feel she is best suited for a small person (125 lbs or less) for some light riding. She had an infected tooth extracted and is eating much better, but she has some difficulty chewing hay. We supplement her diet with soaked hay cubes and beet pulp, in addition to her soaked grain. This special mare has some special needs, but she is so deserving of the best home for her retirement! She has given so much to so many people, now it is time for us to give back to her.

Shania– available for adoption!

Welcome to SBF Shania! This gorgeous, 16 year old Thoroughbred mare was from another rescue in PA. She was adopted to someone in CT but it wasn’t the right situation. Ultimately she was neglected and abandoned at the boarding barn. She was temporarily fostered, started her weight gain rehabilitation and received excellent care from a volunteer. SBF connected with the PA rescue to obtain ownership. She just arrived on January 15th and is settling in very well. We have begun ulcer treatment, necessary due to her neglect, had the vet out to give her a physical exam and a routine dental exam. Stay tuned as we learn more about this sweet girl and prepare her for adoption! She’s lovely.

***Update 7/25/2019 Shania is available for Adoption! Shania has come really far with much improved body condition, gaining weight and muscle. She has learned to longe properly in side reins and is working walk/trot under saddle. She is generally quiet, not spooky, but she can be determined! The more time her people spend with her, the more relaxed, sweet and willing she becomes. She is barefoot, up to date on routine vet and dental. She does well with solo turnout but within sight of a buddy, has a cosmetic blemish on her left hind that does not affect soundness. Qualified adopters should have some experience with OTTB’s and understand their general nature. She will make a lovely lower level show prospect for equitation or dressage, or just a fun horse to connect with. She has really changed in her time with us, from skinny, in pain, frantic, to perfect body condition, happy and relaxed. She is a gem!

Shania looking great June 14 2019.
Shania under saddle with Amy June 6th 2019


SBF Mascot and Retiree.

Caleb before the neglect. 

Caleb was rescued from a severe neglect case in April 2016 where he was starved and locked in a dirty stall for months.  The starvation he endured is horrific. Honestly when we picked him up we thought we might be just bringing him home to meet a peaceful end. It was that bad. If that was all that could be done, were willing to do it for him. Caleb came with one piece of paper, a Coggins test. From this we were able to trace a little bit of information about him and photos of him from before he was abandoned an auction. 

After we got him safely home, the next few days were stressful, slowly feeding him a soaked mushy diet, discovering he could not chew hay, not even a little. Every morning when I would get to the barn, thankful he was still alive, his eyes were a little brighter. He could go for longer walks and eventually was strong enough for all day turnout.

Now more than 3 years later, he’s fat and sassy, and goes for gallops around the pasture with such gusto that I’m sure he will hurt himself…but he doesn’t. Tail flying, head high, snorting at the mares, he is loving his life. Even though he can’t be ridden, he deserves to live, not to be thrown away at the auction.

Because of his age and special dietary needs, Caleb will live out the remainder of his life at Sumner Brook Farm.  If you would like to sponsor Caleb with a monthly donation of $25.00 and become part of the #calebstrong team, please email


Sunny Has been Adopted! Our 18 year old grey Quarter Horse gelding is available for Adoption! Please scroll down to read his story.

***UPDATE*** 6/15/2019 Sunny has been adopted!
He’s 18 years old, 14.2 QH. He’s remarkably sound and ready to have some fun on the trail. His special needs are limited to his personality- I think he is Eyore in real life! He’s skeptical, a bit wary, happy about food and his friends, but he’s quite convinced the world is ending when you go to catch him. He requires a calm, patient person who can find the humor in his quirks but be sensitive to his rather pessimistic outlook. He needs you to be his sunshine, his warm ray of light. He would prefer 24 hour turnout, good quality hay, an approximately 150lbs (or less) sized person to go on trail rides and give him unlimited love and affection. Plus treats- he likes cookies. If you have cookies and are the sunshine on his cloudy days, then go to our adoption page and learn about our adoption requirements and process.  Visit our Facebook page for videos or send an email to

Sunny was an owner surrender and joined us in October 2018. His owner was facing serious financial issues and was no longer able to care for him. SBF offered to take him and we are in the process of rehabilitating him and getting him ready for a riding evaluation. he is 18 years old, approximately 15h and was reported to have previously been a ranch horse in Mexico. He has a unique but sweet personality and his people need to earn his trust. We will update when he is ready for adoption. To watch his progress please visit our Facebook page.