Requirements for Adopting an SBF Horse

At Sumner Brook Farm we have made a promise to the horses we take on and their people, to provide a safe home with excellent care for the life of the horse. We ask our adopters to maintain that standard of excellence and carry on with the treatment and training plans we develop for each horse.  At SBF we spend weeks and months of time plus a tremendous amount of resources rehabilitating horses so that they can have their best life. This is why some of our requirements are so specific. We ask that our adopters continue with that level of care and attention, and honor that commitment we have made to each horse.  

The following are requirements for adoption or foster:

  1. Adoption radius. At this time we are adopting within a 2 hour drive of Middletown, CT 06457. As Sumner Brook Farm grows, we may expand our adoption area. 
  2. Adequate turnout with shelter. 24 hour turnout is preferred, some horses will require 24 hour turnout with a shelter if they have special health or behavior needs. If 24 hour turnout is not available, a minimum of 10 hours outside per day is required. Horses must go out every day, for the physical and mental health of the horse.
  3. Fencing. Must be safe! 3 board or other hard physical barrier combined with electric. No single strand wire or only tape/rope is permitted. No barbed wire, no step-in metal posts. 
  4. Feeding. Adopter must understand the feed program and any medications or supplements required to meet the horse’s needs. A minimum of 15-20lbs of forage per day must be supplied.   
  5. The adopter will provide vet care, dental care and farrier work as recommended. 
  6. If required, a trainer will work with the horse to ensure safe practices and continue the horse’s education. In special cases, adoption may be contingent on the adopter working with an approved trainer. 

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