Adopt a Sanctuary Horse!

Have you always wanted a horse to bond with? To groom, take on long walks, and get to know their unique and individual personality? Our Sanctuary Horse Adoption might be a great option for you. We have several horses at Sumner Brook Farm who will live out their golden years on the farm due to age or complex care requirements. 

We believe a horse’s life is worth more than the ability to work.

Horses’ lives have more value than being a riding horse or producing income for humans. Whether they are rideable or retired, physically able but psychologically too scarred to be ridden, we will take care of them for the rest of their lives. Taking on this responsibility comes with great expense. We love all our rescues and give them everything they need to be happy and healthy and finding them a perfect person is just as important as providing the other aspects of care.

There is nothing like a horse having their own person.

Horses need someone they can count on, someone that they know. Can you provide consistency and structure to their days with visits, grooming, and walks around our beautiful farm? Will you provide a monthly financial contribution towards their care? Horses do in fact recognize different people and get to know their regular care givers. We would love to have you as the extra special person in their lives.

This is a donation commitment like no other, knowing a rescue horse is receiving the best care of their lives, the best love and companionship, because it comes directly from you.

If you are an adult (21 and over) with horse experience and would like to be considered as a Sanctuary Adopter, please email 

Sanctuary adopters are welcome to schedule visits Tuesdays through Saturdays based on the farm’s schedule connecting with your schedule.

*Please note that this is not a riding opportunity. Most of our horses are retired from under saddle work. 

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