Can you give Doug his forever home?

Sumner Brook Farm Inc.

*Companion Only*

  • Age: 23
  • Registered name: “Supah Doug” Stable name “Doug”
  • Breed: Thoroughbred Color: Grey
  • Height/weight: 16.1h 1300lbs
  • Medical Issues: Right hind stifle injury several years ago. Not sound for riding. Blind in right eye. 

Adoption Requirements:

  • 24 hour turnout with a buddy preferred. 
  • Non riding home. 
  • Free choice, good quality hay.High fat, low starch feed to maintain weight.
  • Routine Vet, Dental and Farrier care. 
  • Tons of love.

Doug came to Sumner Brook Farm in August of 2020. He was surrendered due to neglect and was dangerously thin when local Animal Control was contacted. As he is a senior who is suitable only as a companion, they reached out to us so that our rescue could continue his rehabilitation and evaluate him for adoption. 

Doug would make a super companion for a gelding or mare, he tends to be the low man in the herd, but just wants to be everyone’s friend. He thrives with human connection and has a lovable personality. 

Doug is a big boy and can be a little pushy when leading. With consistent handling he is a perfect gentleman, standing on cross ties forever to be groomed, great for the vet and farrier, blanket changes, fly spraying, etc. He is barefoot and does not require any medication or special care, other than soaked grain, which we provide for all our horses. His blind eye needs to be monitored for changes at his annual vet exams, and we use UV blocking fly masks to protect his eye. 

Adoption Options: 

If you would like to adopt Doug and take him home, we require a barn visit and reference checks, as well as monthly check-ins for the first year. 

Doug is also available for ON FARM adoption for a monthly, tax deductible donation of $300.00 He can stay here at the farm with all the care our rescue provides, and be your horse too! 

For information and a phone interview, please contact

Adopt a Sanctuary Horse!

Have you always wanted a horse to bond with? To groom, take on long walks, and get to know their unique and individual personality? Our Sanctuary Horse Adoption might be a great option for you. We have several horses at Sumner Brook Farm who will live out their golden years on the farm due to age or complex care requirements. 

We believe a horse’s life is worth more than the ability to work.

Horses’ lives have more value than being a riding horse or producing income for humans. Whether they are rideable or retired, physically able but psychologically too scarred to be ridden, we will take care of them for the rest of their lives. Taking on this responsibility comes with great expense. We love all our rescues and give them everything they need to be happy and healthy and finding them a perfect person is just as important as providing the other aspects of care.

There is nothing like a horse having their own person.

Horses need someone they can count on, someone that they know. Can you provide consistency and structure to their days with visits, grooming, and walks around our beautiful farm? Will you provide a monthly financial contribution towards their care? Horses do in fact recognize different people and get to know their regular care givers. We would love to have you as the extra special person in their lives.

This is a donation commitment like no other, knowing a rescue horse is receiving the best care of their lives, the best love and companionship, because it comes directly from you.

If you are an adult (21 and over) with horse experience and would like to be considered as a Sanctuary Adopter, please email 

Sanctuary adopters are welcome to schedule visits Tuesdays through Saturdays based on the farm’s schedule connecting with your schedule.

*Please note that this is not a riding opportunity. Most of our horses are retired from under saddle work. 

Run, Walk or Ride for Sadie

Hi everyone, each month we will choose a horse to sponsor for a virtual race! Run, walk or ride the distance of your choice before June 25th. You can sign up here:

Options include race only, race with basic T-shirt, or more custom Sadie Sweet Potato shirt options from Bonfire:

We hope you are all safe and healthy during this very difficult time. Our horses still need us to care for them every day, despite our human trials and tragedies, the work or rescue never stops.

Please join us for this virtual event and stay tuned for next month’s race and custom shirt!

Be well, Amy

2020 Event Calendar

Hello to our wonderful SBF community! Winter will be wrapping up soon and we are all looking forward to the warmer months and fun events we have planned in 2020. We will keep you updated on these events through our Facebook page and on our Events calendar on our website.

On March 21, we are having our first Paint Night hosted by Essex Paint and Sip. The event includes wine, beer and other beverages, snacks, and of course your artistic creation, a painting of your choice from their website. Sign up soon here to reserve your space.

If you’ve never been, Essex , CT is a lovely town with many shops, restaurants, marinas and water views of the Connecticut River. A great place to spend an evening supporting Sumner Brook Farm.

Stay tuned for more events as we confirm dates!

2019 Fall Dental Exams for Caleb and Shania

Annual or bi-annual dental exams are essential to horse health. The Equine Dentist checks for loose or fractured teeth, sharp points that inhibit their ability to chew, and periodontal disease. The Equine Dentist then files or “floats” the surface of the teeth to ensure a good grinding surface to properly chew and digest hay. Mouth pain can present as a significant training issue, resulting in dangerous behavior like rearing, bucking and flipping over, caused by dental issues.

As horses age, they “run out” of tooth so keeping what teeth they have in good condition, helps keep them alive longer. Caleb has very little molar surface left and he eats a special diet of soaked foods. As he was a starvation case, we want to make sure he can still gum some loose hay and short grass.

The exam and floating does not cause the horse any pain, even though they may be sedated to be more cooperative for the Equine Dentist.

SBF works with Dr. Bayard Rucker, a renowned Equine Dentist and an expert in his field. These exams are around $125 per horse, depending on what the horse needs. Most of the rescue horses get exams twice a year and these costs add up. Consider donating so we can cover the costs of these exams and continue to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need.

Can You Help?

Make a Donation

Every gift, no matter how small,  helps us continue our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train, and re-home horses who are in need.

Shop with Amazon Smile

Do your amazon shopping at and choose to support Sumner Brook Farm. AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Sumner Brook Farm.

Donate an Item from our AmazonSmile Wishlist

We also have a wish list through AmazonSmile! You can easily add an item to your cart and it will ship directly to the farm. We always need things like hoof oil, thrush treatment, rubber gloves, and more. Your help is greatly appreciated by us and the rescue horses!

SBF Branded Apparel

Over the past year we’ve had some pretty cool SBF branded apparel made.

In the spring we got light blue SBF t-shirts ($20), green embroidered hats ($25), mugs ($10), and stickers ($1). The green hats and mugs were a big hit!

This fall Marissa designed a military green unisex hoodie ($30) with a white screen printed SBF logo and everyone LOVED them! They are soft on the inside and cozy with a nice design.

Marissa and Nick at the bake sale table
Green hoodies with blue t-shirt in the back

Due to the popularity of the green hoodie and limited sizes left, we opened preorders for a navy hoodie with white screen printed SBF logo ($30). To preorder, visit our online shop.

And since it’s getting colder, we are also doing preorders for a unisex navy pom hat. Preorder here.

Tag & Tack Sale at SBF

On Sunday, November 3, 2019 SBF hosted our first annual Tag and Tack Sale! We had over 10 sellers that brought a lot of great items to sell. Highlights include a brand new Roomba for $25, western and dressage saddles, baker sheets, and mattes saddle pads.

Not all items that SBF was selling sold, and the remaining are listed on Facebook here. There was also a very successful bake sale, hay rides, and SBF branded apparel for sale. Overall it was a great day and everyone who came enjoyed it!

We were able to raise over $800 for Sumner Brook Farm which will go directly to this month’s farrier, dentist, and vet bills.

If you weren’t able to attend but would like to donate, visit our donate page.

Sumner Brook Farm has a new barn!

SBF currently has four horses, Caleb, resident mascot, Shania, available for on farm lease, and Franklyn and Sadie who are available for adoption. Caleb and Sadie were in paddocks without permanent shelter and not usable in winter and had to be brought inside in inclement weather which they do not enjoy.

This paddock was scraped down to the dirt, had fencing removed, and will be prepped for the new barn.

Our new 2 stall barn project will allow us to have 2 paddocks with permanent shelter, usable in winter, and with mud control! The new barn did not come without some preparation work though. Fencing was removed from the existing paddock, the dirt was leveled, and bigger stone was added to where the barn will go.

Preparing where the barn will sit.

On October 24, Kloter Farms delivered the barn, fully assembled.

Then stone dust was added for mud control and fencing was put up to create two paddocks.

New barn project done!

Caleb and Sadie LOVE their new home, especially since they can walk in and out whenever they want.

This project couldn’t have been done without everyone who donated to this barn project. HUGE shoutout to Amy, who spent a week preparing the site, tearing down fence, and putting it back up. Another thank you to volunteers Marissa Maturo, Nick SImos, Ray Anderson, Tim and Cheryl Kosky, Bob Daniels, and Victoria Moon who volunteered their time and helped with this project.

If you would like to donate to future projects or view our amazon wish list, Caleb, Shania, Franklyn, and Sadie would be very grateful!

Welcome to SBF! – Our First Blog post

Franklyn our 25 year old OTTB available for adoption.

Sumner Brook Farm Inc is a 501c3 equine rescue and retirement organization. SBF was established in 2018 by our founder and executive director, Amy Gardner Anderson. Amy (me) wanted to create a lasting legacy based on rescue, re-training and rehabilitation efforts that she has been privately working on for many years.

SBF operates at Bear Paw Barn, Amy’s boarding and training facility in Middletown, CT. For over a decade, BPB has re-trained dozens of horses with physical and psychological issues. In addition to helping our local horse community, Amy wants to expand that work to include OTTB horses in need of re-training to find suitable homes and second careers.

Amy uses a Dressage foundation of training for all horses in her care. All rescue horses at SBF benefit from 25 years of professional horse care and management experience. And our special needs intakes receive veterinary treatments, proper nutrition and a safe environment that they need to be healthy.

Please join us as we grow! We have 4 horses in rescue, 3 available for adoption. Caleb our mascot, is a permanent resident. Learn more about them all here:

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts and updates to our Pasture Expansion project!