Available for Adoption!

Such sweet boys.

Companion Horses
Woody (the Dun) and Henry (Chestnut) are the most wonderful companions. We would love for them to be placed together, as Henry is really attached to Woody.
Woody is a 17 year old quarter horse.
Retired due to arthritis.
Easy keeper, lives out 24/7. Needs much more attention than his person can give him. He’s been passed around quite a bit before coming here and want to see him in a permanent home. He deserves it!

Woody likes grooming, food, taking naps in the sun and keeping Henry in line.

Henry is a 19 year old thoroughbred who never raced. He became a companion horse at the age of 2 and it’s the only job he’s ever had. He’s very friendly and loves attention. He waves his food bucket around if dinner is too late for his liking, and he is playful with Woody and other geldings. He does crib, wears a collar. Electric fence will stop him from doing it. He’s the low man in this pair and needs a confident companion.

Both horses are barefoot, come with adoption contract, farm visit, wellness checks and references required.

They can go together or separately, but they really are the sweetest pair.
If you can open your barn to these boys please DM or email amy@sumnerbrookfarm.com

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