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Sumner Brook Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of horses being sent to auction or slaughter. We rehabilitate, retrain, and rehome horses that have been abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, and provide treatment care for horses unable to work due to illness, injury, or age. We offer education to the community about proper equine care and management throughout the lifetime of the horse.

Who We Serve

We serve the local horse community of Middletown, CT and the surrounding areas. Horses surrendered due to personal hardship or family members who need to place horses whose owners are ill, injured, or have passed away and horse owners seeking a quiet, healthy environment for their horses retiring from performance careers.

Why We Do It

Through rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming we will reduce the number of unwanted horses going to auction and potentially to slaughter. WIth proper nutrition, vet care and training, many horses can have a new life as companions or riding horses. We welcome horses for retirement who can no longer work due to age, injury or illness and may need intensive care that is associated with these challenges. There are some cases where the most humane option is euthanasia. This decision is made with the guidance of our veterinarians to ensure the least amount of pain, suffering, and stress for those horses in our care.

How We Do It

Horses are evaluated for veterinary and dietary care needs. After any necessary treatment, a rehabilitation and training plan is developed and carried out by our staff and volunteers. Once the horse has been evaluated for training suitability, they are placed on the adoption list. Interested adopters must fill out an application, pay a $20 application fee, submit pictures and information regarding stabling and care for the horse, supply references, and schedule a visit with the horse if approved.

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