Retirement Program

We owe our horses so much after their lifetime of companionship, teamwork, joy and love, a connection like no other. Finding the right retirement home for your horse can be difficult. At Sumner Brook Farm we offer a lower cost boarding opportunity with the surrender of ownership of your horse. If your horse is accepted as a retiree, they will receive all of the benefits of full care board in addition to veterinary and dental care, farrier services and any other essential care required for their health and happiness. Your $2,000.00 unrestricted pledge and then subsequent monthly unrestricted donation of $650.00 are tax deductible contributions to the general operating fund of SBF.

All SBF horses have 24 hour individual turnout with custom built sheds, heated water in winter, ample blanketing to keep them comfortable in all weather, fly spraying and cold hosing in summer, and bathing and grooming provided by our dedicated volunteers. As horses age and their bodies change, their diet, supplement and medication needs change too. We develop individual care plans with our veterinarians so that each horse gets exactly what they need. Special needs horses are welcome, we have many years of experience with senior care.

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