Sumner Brook Farm has a new barn!

SBF currently has four horses, Caleb, resident mascot, Shania, available for on farm lease, and Franklyn and Sadie who are available for adoption. Caleb and Sadie were in paddocks without permanent shelter and not usable in winter and had to be brought inside in inclement weather which they do not enjoy.

This paddock was scraped down to the dirt, had fencing removed, and will be prepped for the new barn.

Our new 2 stall barn project will allow us to have 2 paddocks with permanent shelter, usable in winter, and with mud control! The new barn did not come without some preparation work though. Fencing was removed from the existing paddock, the dirt was leveled, and bigger stone was added to where the barn will go.

Preparing where the barn will sit.

On October 24, Kloter Farms delivered the barn, fully assembled.

Then stone dust was added for mud control and fencing was put up to create two paddocks.

New barn project done!

Caleb and Sadie LOVE their new home, especially since they can walk in and out whenever they want.

This project couldn’t have been done without everyone who donated to this barn project. HUGE shoutout to Amy, who spent a week preparing the site, tearing down fence, and putting it back up. Another thank you to volunteers Marissa Maturo, Nick SImos, Ray Anderson, Tim and Cheryl Kosky, Bob Daniels, and Victoria Moon who volunteered their time and helped with this project.

If you would like to donate to future projects or view our amazon wish list, Caleb, Shania, Franklyn, and Sadie would be very grateful!

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