We are excited for Spring!

Spring brings longer, warmer days, green in the trees and fields, and the horses can shed their winter blankets to bask in the sunshine.

SBF Sunny on a warm day.

Spring also brings Annual Health check-ups for the herd. The cost per horse is $300-$500 for this required care. We need VET BILL sponsors!

SBF Sadie receiving dental treatment for her worn out molars. She cannot chew hay and lives on a special diet.

Each horse requires vaccinations, physical exams, bloodwork, dental exams and floating.

Donate with Paypal. https://www.paypal.me/SumnerBrookFarm

If you can help us cover the costs for all 9 of our rescues and retirees, please donate! Donations are easy through PayPal or Checks can be mailed to the farm.

Fundraising Goal for Veterinary Care $4,500.00

The horses need you!

Henry, our little misfit Thoroughbred. We love him and all his quirks❤️.

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Sumner Brook Farm Inc. 874 Millbrook Rd. Middletown, CT 06457

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