Welcome to SBF! – Our First Blog post

Franklyn our 25 year old OTTB available for adoption.

Sumner Brook Farm Inc is a 501c3 equine rescue and retirement organization. SBF was established in 2018 by our founder and executive director, Amy Gardner Anderson. Amy (me) wanted to create a lasting legacy based on rescue, re-training and rehabilitation efforts that she has been privately working on for many years.

SBF operates at Bear Paw Barn, Amy’s boarding and training facility in Middletown, CT. For over a decade, BPB has re-trained dozens of horses with physical and psychological issues. In addition to helping our local horse community, Amy wants to expand that work to include OTTB horses in need of re-training to find suitable homes and second careers.

Amy uses a Dressage foundation of training for all horses in her care. All rescue horses at SBF benefit from 25 years of professional horse care and management experience. And our special needs intakes receive veterinary treatments, proper nutrition and a safe environment that they need to be healthy.

Please join us as we grow! We have 4 horses in rescue, 3 available for adoption. Caleb our mascot, is a permanent resident. Learn more about them all here: https://sumnerbrookfarm.com/about/our-horses/

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts and updates to our Pasture Expansion project!

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