Winter 2023 update!

Hello everyone!

What a strange and warm winter we’ve been experiencing in Connecticut. I’m not complaining about the warm temps, sunshine, no snow and neither are the horses! The horses are enjoying a beautiful February afternoon, dozing in the sun, munching on hay and are shedding those winter coats. The days are getting longer and we are counting the minutes until Spring when we can set some dates for tours, clinics and ground classes. We hope you are all well and able to get outside and enjoy your day! -Amy Gardner Anderson, Founder.

Woody, retiree and safe for life.
Henry, rescue horse and companion to Woody.
Elle, former Bear Paw Barn lesson horse.
Trooper and Lucy, Retirement Program Horses
“Got food?” -Trooper and Lucy, Retirees
Sunny (grey) and Sadie, rescue horses with special needs.

Skip, former Bear Paw Barn lesson horse, and his rescue buddies Doug and Franklyn.

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