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2023 We Need On Farm Sponsors !!!

At this time we are caring for a group of special needs seniors and retirees. All of our horses have health issues associated with aging or past injuries. We welcome on farm adoption and support from monthly sponsors to ensure these horses receive the professional care they need.

Amy caring for Doug after his enucleation surgery December 2021.

Adoption Info

Thank you for your interest in giving a horse a home! At Sumner Brook Farm we are fortunate that our founder is also a professional horse trainer and instructor with 20+ years of experience of training horses and making the best horse and rider matches. The success of adoption is greatly determined by safe handling and training. Each horse at SBF is trained to make sure that when they are adopted, it is to the best, most appropriate home for them and their people. We want everyone to be safe and happy!

Adoption Process:

  1. Inquire via email about the horse you are interested in.
  2. Complete and return application including $20 processing fee. 
  3. Your application will be reviewed and a member of the adoption team will contact you. Your references for Veterinarian, Farrier, Trainer/Barn owner will be contacted. 
  4. If you are pre-approved, a visit to the SBF farm is scheduled to meet the horse. If appropriate you may see a training demonstration and/or ride if approved by the trainer. 
  5. We will request either a visit to your farm to see the potential home or pictures/videos of the barn and other horses who live there. 
  6. A second visit with the horse will be scheduled to ensure a proper match.
  7. Adoption contract and payment of adoption fees will be completed. 
  8. Your horse goes home! 
  9. An update to SBF every 30 days (including pictures/video) for the first 3 months is required. After that time period, annual updates or visits from an SBF representative are required. 
  10. Every horse always has a home at SBF. If you are unable to keep the horse with you they are to be returned to SBF. 


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